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#Got2Yes: Our Victories

41000+ joined


41000+ joined

Major projects in BC need your support

Major projects in BC need your support

#Got2Yes: Our Victories

#Got2Yes: Our Victories

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Together, we stopped Vancouver’s natural gas ban, we got Desjardins to fund oil and gas projects, and we helped save the Site C Dam!

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We #Got2Yes!

Your voice matters! In 2017, the #Get2Yes movement helped push three important initiatives forward.

  • The Site C Dam #Got2Yes

    We got the Site C clean energy project approved by an NDP government that openly campaign against it. Using the power of the #Get2Yes platform and social media, we convinced the NDP government of the importance of Site C’s clean energy and the thousands of construction jobs there. 

    ICBA launched a “pink slip” campaign to convince Premier Horgan to finish the Site C project and raise public awareness about the importance of Site C for B.C.’s clean energy future. Since the NDP and Greens signed their governing agreement promising a BCUC review, ICBA:

    • Held multiple media events with 2,500 specially-made pink slips representing the men and women working on the dam who faced mass layoffs
    • • Published op-eds supporting completion
    • Hired a plane to fly a pro Site C banner over the NDP Throne Speech
    • • Placed a billboard on the Pat Bay Highway promoting Site C
    • • Launched a poster campaign in Fort St. John to support the dam
    • Generated several thousand emails and letters from the public supporting the dam through ICBA’s “Get2Yes” platform
    • • Launched an intensive social media campaign for the dam, with six Site C Facebook videos being watched nearly 150,000 times
    • • Made several presentations to the BCUC during its review, including in Vancouver, Prince George and Fort St. John

    Working together, #Get2Yes supporters deluged John Horgan with more than 3,000 letters in support of Site C.

  • Stopping Vancouver's Natural Gas Ban #Got2Yes 

    When Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson hatched a plan to ban natural gas within Vancouver city limits by 2050, we went to work. By using regulation and legislation to ban natural gas, Robertson not only risked increasing heating costs for both renters and homeowners, but also, put good jobs across B.C. at risk. 

    Using social media, videos, and the mainstream media, ICBA and our allies pushed back against the ban. In late 2017, Robertson unequivocally surrendered, signing a Memorandum of Understanding with FortisBC protecting natural gas in the city, and even promising to convert vehicles to the fuel.

  • We #Got2Yes on Desjardins funding oil and gas projects

    Thanks to pressure from ICBA and more than a thousand letters from #Get2Yes supporters, Desjardins, Canada’s largest credit union federation, announced it will continue to fund pipeline and other energy projects

    Earlier in 2017, Desjardins had caved into pressure from environmental activists and announced it would stop funding pipeline projects. 

    ICBA was Canada’s first and loudest voice opposing Desjardins’ original decision. ICBA president Chris Gardner penned two nationally-published op-eds, and ICBA supporters used its #Get2Yes web platform to send nearly a thousand e-mails to Desjardins CEO Guy Cormier asking him to reconsider. ICBA also used social media, including Facebook videos and posts, to spread the word.

    Most importantly, ICBA was putting its money where its mouth is and committed to moving its insurance clients away from Desjardins to companies which support responsible resource development and Canadian energy companies.

    Together, we finally #Got2Yes with Desjardins.