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Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving

41000+ joined


41000+ joined

Major projects in BC need your support

Major projects in BC need your support

Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving

Get Canada’s Big Gas Moving


We need to get Canada’s big gas out of Alberta and into B.C., the United States and Asia.

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  • Want lower gas prices? Increase supply?

    Canada is blessed with a massive oil and gas supply, mainly found in Alberta.

    Yet B.C. drivers pay the highest price for gasoline in North America. It doesn’t make sense – but it’s exactly what John Horgan, Andrew Weaver, and the B.C. NDP-Green Government want.

    The NDP and Greens are doing everything they can to obstruct and delay the Trans Mountain pipeline, which will more than double the amount of oil and gas products brought from Alberta into the Lower Mainland. As experts have said, “"Edmonton has more gasoline than it can possibly produce. It's quite capable of sending that down here, but we just don't have the infrastructure for it. Sooner or later, we're going to have to face the consequences that not having enough infrastructure or capacity to move our fossil fuels is going to lead us to much higher prices.”

    Want lower gas prices? Get Canada’s big gas moving. Get Trans Mountain built.

    The NDP-Green obstruction has become so bad that the federal government itself has had to take over the project. Now John Horgan’s intransigence is costing both B.C. and Canadian taxpayers billions.

    Since 1953, the Trans Mountain Pipeline system has been safely and efficiently providing the only West Coast pipeline access for Canadian oil products. The pipeline has been adapted over the years to meet evolving needs. The expansion will, when built, create a twinned pipeline that would increase the capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000.

    Kinder Morgan, the project’s former owner, worked for years to get this project done. What they accomplished was remarkable: unprecedented work with First Nations (some 30,000 points of contacts over five years just with Indigenous groups), land owners, municipalities and others. They turned around the Trudeau Government on the pipeline, convincing ministers who had actively campaigned against TMP of the project’s merits.

    The Canadian and B.C. governments both approved the project, subject to 194 environmental and other conditions. Despite this effort, cities like Burnaby have been dragging their feet, trying to prevent construction by not issuing permits. And the new John Horgan government is in court, trying to revoke B.C.’s support. 

    Trans Mountain #Got2Yes. But federal, provincial and municipal governments must now be forced to #Stick2Yes so that construction can get under way.

    There’s too much at stake to let the $7.4-billion Trans Mountain Pipeline project die:

    • • 15,000 constructions jobs
    • • British Columbia's share is 189,000 person-years, including 36,000 during Project development and 39,000 during operations
    • • Alberta's share is 441,000 person-years, including 15,000 during Project development and 13,000 during project operations
    • • $46.7 billion in new government revenue, including $5.7 billion for the B.C. government and $922 million for B.C. municipalities.

    Let’s #Stick2Yes on Trans Mountain!